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Out here the Wild West is alive and well. Saddle up and see for yourself.

More Than Just History

Southern Arizona looms large in the history of the Old West. Tombstone, the site of the real “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral®,” is one of Arizona’s most popular attractions. And old mining ghost towns around the region tell stories of the hardscrabble life that was part of America's first frontier.

Video: The Gunfight that Rocked the World

Since the lights have dimmed on the stage that was the real Wild West, Tucson has still remained in the spotlight. Countless Hollywood Westerns have been filmed here, the most popular location for filming being Old Tucson just west of town. Here the likes of John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and Clint Eastwood strutted along warped boardwalks and rode hard and fast through the open range.

All around the area you can find reminders of the once untamed frontier. The railroad depots, mines, saloons, jails, and bunkhouses, can be found in towns throughout Southern Arizona. so put on your boots and your stetson and get to steppin, and you too can find your own piece of the Old West in Tucson.

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