There are festivals and then there is the annual Agave Heritage Festival, which is in a category of its own!


The enriching and interactive four-day event dedicated to agave and the Southwest’s relationship to Mexico and the great Sonoran Desert region offers a unique perspective into the flavors and traditions of regional and heritage foods and spirits.


“They say the Sonoran Desert region is a food forest for many reasons,” said Todd Hanley, festival director. “The Agave Heritage Festival offers the ideal opportunity to find out why.”




The festival has reached new heights, with over 55 events packed into just four days, among them five incredible dining opportunities, 12 guided tasting workshops, a carne asada celebration and seminar, and countless opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in the ever-expanding world of the agave.


“Over four days and five nights, guests can enjoy unique and delicious dinners featuring special guest chefs, a James Beard Award-winning baker, a taste of all six regions of Mexico, and fund-raising gala dinner and of course mezcal neat pours and remarks from the industry’s best and most influential,” Hanley added. 


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