A Man-made Wonder of the World

Though it looks a little "out there" with its massive glass-and-steel structure, Biosphere 2 is actually an international research center dedicated to exploring the environment and the future.

Modeled after Earth (Biosphere 1), Biosphere 2 is part ecosystem greenhouse, part test-bed for manned missions to Mars, and part experiment on human sociology. A unique trail system allows exploration of tropical rainforest, a savannah, a coastal fog desert, a mangrove, and even a 700,000-gallon saltwater ocean. Researchers from the University of Arizona in Tucson lead studies primarily in water and climate, and energy and sustainability.Biosphere 2 is also among Arizona's top tourism destinations. Every year, more than 100,000 visitors from around the world come for its unique multisensory experiences. The "under the glass" guided walking tour provides an up-close look at ongoing research projects and includes interactions with researchers, whenever possible.

Inside Biosphere 2

Students with a passion for making a difference are sure to be inspired after visiting this one-of-a-kind place. The annual Summer Science Academy offers an educational experience unlike any other; middle and high school students interested in earth and ecosystem sciences, collaboration, and leadership development are invited to spend a week at Biosphere 2. Students will join the science community at the University of Arizona for a world-class educational adventure. Click here to learn more.

With classrooms, labs, a conference center, and on-site overnight accommodations, the Biosphere 2 campus is ideal for outreach activities and retreats that facilitate interaction among student groups. Private guided tours for groups may be reserved every day of the year, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Overnight stays for students interested in an extended program may be arranged.


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