Chiricahua National Monument

Less than two short hours from Tucson, AZ, you'll find Chiricahua National Monument, a true wonder ripe with opportunities for hiking, photography, wildlife viewing, and more. With unrelenting, timeless beauty the monument is also brimming with history, as the area was once the homeland of the Chiricahua Apache. It's the kind of unspoiled place you need to see for yourself and is more than worth the trip.

small white house with yellow roof and shutters next to a large mountain/rock and trees. In front a sign stands that says "Cave Creek Visitor Information Center, Coronado National Forest

Unforgettable Wildlife Viewing 

Unusual rock formations and picturesque landscapes aren’t the only stars of Chiricahua National Monument. Ample amounts of undeveloped land within and around the monument make the area ideal for a number of wildlife species. 

Among commonly seen animals, the Arizona White-tailed deer are well acclimated to life in the desert. Smaller in size, they require fewer resources to survive. 

Widely adored, but always good to be aware of, are the hooded and striped skunks of Chiricahua National Monument. Keep your eyes open and campsite clean to avoid a potential skunky spray.

A great-looking small predator in the area is the gray fox. Primarily gray with reddish tones on the sides, they are the single North American canine capable of climbing trees. As with all wild animals, keep your distance. 

Another animal often seen in the monument is the Coati. If you visit during fall or winter, look for them at lower elevations. While hiking a trail or along the roadside, you can spot Desert Cottontail rabbits. Like most of us, they prefer shade during the hotter times of the day. 

Birders flock to the area to catch sight of species such as the canyon wren, acorn woodpecker, and yellow-eyed junco. Don’t forget your binoculars – you never know what feathered treasures you might encounter in this birdwatcher's paradise.

Chiricahuah National Monument


Camping & Lodging

Camping is an enchanting way to experience Chiricahua National Monument. Campsites are limited, so make a reservation to ensure a spot. You’ll love staying near the Bonita Canyon wash in a shady grove known as the Bonita Canyon Campground. 

If a hotel or other lodging option is more your style, there are plenty of welcoming hotels in nearby Willcox, AZ.

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