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Day Trips & Tours

Explore Southern Arizona

Day trips in Tucson don't ask you to be anyone you're not. With so much to choose from, the only compromise you might have to make is what not to see. Check out the trips below and discover what happens when open hearts come to amazing places. 


Aerial Tours

See Southern Arizona from a whole new perspective. With aerial tours, you can rise above the desert and take it all in.

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Astronomy & Science Trips

Clear, dark skies and high peaks have made Tucson home to some of the world's most-respected observatories.

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Bird Watching Trips

With Southern Arizona located along the migratory path between Canada and Mexico, the greater Tucson area is a birder's paradise.

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Caves Around Tucson

If your idea of fun is spelunking your way into the cool, dark depths of the earth, check out our two natural underground wonders.

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Culinary & Wineries Around Tucson

As in Argentina, the warm, dry days and cool nights of Southern Arizona produce happy grapes and award-winning wines.

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Cycling Trips

Bicycling magazine ranks Tucson one of the nation's top bicycle-friendly cities for our extensive urban bike paths, scenic family-friendly routes, and gritty mountain trails.

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Heritage & Culture Tours

Trace Southern Arizona's rich history from prehistoric Native American settlements to Wild West boomtowns and beyond.

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Hiking Trips

Five mountain ranges and protected wilderness areas all around the city make Tucson a hiker's paradise.

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Hot Springs Around Tucson

The call of wild outdoors meets the soul-soothing healing of the spa in Southern Arizona hot springs.

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Military History Tours

Learn about Native American warriors, Spanish conquistadors, Mexican rebels, and U.S. Cavalry and see relics of the Cold War.

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Mining Tours

Southern Arizona has a unique mineral signature, and copper and silver made towns like Bisbee and Tombstone western legends.

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Missions & Churches Tours

Discover the architecture of Tucson's sacred spaces, from centuries-old missions to modern houses of worship.

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Photography Trips

The landscapes, architecture, people, plants and animals, and vistas of the Southwest make Tucson a photographer's delight.

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Plants & Animals Trips

See how lush and lively a desert can be as you discover the biodiversity of Tucson's wide-ranging ecosystems.

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Shopping Trips

From eclectic open-air malls to upcycled pop art, one-of-a-kind jewelry and authentic Native American crafts, shop your heart out.

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Small Group Tours & Activities

Easy to get to, easy to get around, affordable accommodations, authentic experiences and year-round great weather make Tucson a perfect place for church groups, military reunions, wedding party activities, family gatherings, and more. For help coordinating all of the activities below for your small group, please contact our tourism specialist or view our small groups' page with the provided link below.

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Touring by Car

Sit back, fire up the iPod, and see miles of scenic wilderness around Tucson in air-conditioned comfort. Or jump in an all-terrain vehicle to explore off the beaten path.

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Urban Hikes in Tucson

You don't have to conquer a mountain to hike in Tucson—not with hundreds of miles of car-free paved paths and easy urban trails.

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Western Experience Trips & Tours

Discover the Old West that shaped our yesteryears as you retrace the footsteps of legends like Wyatt Earp, Pancho Villa, and Cochise.

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