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The Arts

Local artists draw inspiration from Tucson's unique and vibrant culture.

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Tucson's Cultural Oasis

Not too long ago, The Wall Street Journal labeled Tucson a "mini-mecca for the arts" — marveling at the relatively high ratio of primo performing and visual arts groups for a city of its medium size. Tucson's vibrant artistic mix includes exceptional museums, inspiring galleries, mesmerizing public murals, a rich filmmaking history and a trendsetting music scene. The creativity trickles down at classes and workshops where you can make your own masterpieces, indoors and out.

So, whether you're roaming the clubs downtown or making reservations at an entertainment hall on the university campus or a hotel in the foothills or other venues around the city, you can choose from a vast line-up of concerts, plays, films, comedy shows, outdoor festivals and art exhibits to your liking in Tucson.


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