Tucson's culinary landscape is celebrated for its vibrant and diverse food scene, and one dish that truly shines in the city's culinary tapestry is the humble yet delicious taco.

With an array of flavors, influences, and styles, Tucson's taco offerings are a gastronomic adventure waiting to be explored. Tucson Foodie's Where to Eat Tacos in Tucson guide invites you to embark on a journey through the Old Pueblo's best taco joints, from classic Sonoran-style tacos to innovative, fusion creations. Whether you're a local seeking a new taco hotspot or a visitor eager to savor Tucson's iconic flavors, this guide will lead you to the most delectable taco destinations our city has to offer.



Boca By Chef Maria Mazon

The tacos at Boca truly break the mold - no basic cheese, beef, or lettuce here. Instead, you'll find tacos with everything from grilled octopus to fire-roasted corn, all served up on homemade tortillas. If you're feeling adventurous, check out their exotic meat night every Wednesday. To top it all off (literally), their salsas have their own flair, with unique flavors like mango-habanero and ginger-wasabi.

Boca Tacos




Charro Vida takes inspiration from the Mediterranean diet and Sonoran cuisine. They're big on "Food With A Purpose" -- that is, sourcing fresh local produce and using healthy fats. They've got a solid selection of tacos - from Jackfruit Carnitas to Tempeh Asada and even a Breakfast Taco with walnut chorizo. And they've got vegan options to boot!

Close up of a plate of enchiladas from CharroVida




You've got to appreciate Chef Juan Almanza's journey from his early cooking days in Mexico to making waves in Tucson with his restaurant, El Taco Rustico. His slow-cooked beef ribs and the quesabirria tacos are out-of-this-world good. It's no wonder they're cranking out over 100,000 of them a year. Plus, they've got some pretty rad vegetarian and keto options, and fantastic crispy flour tortillas to boot.




Just across from the Pavilions Shopping Center, you'll find a spot called Nana's Kitchen. You've got a ton of options for tacos here, from classic Shredded Beef and Chicken, to something a little different like Barbacoa, or even their special Nana’s Tacos stuffed with ground beef and potatoes. Come hungry -- the portions are big!

Plate of Nana's favorite tacos from Nana's Kitchen




At Rollies, Chef Mateo Otero puts his own spin on Tucson's classic Mexican flavors. Their birria is slow-cooked for 14 hours till it's so tender, it just falls apart. We can't get enough of their Quesabirria Tacos and Birria Ramen. In fact, on the day they first sold their Birria Ramen, they had 50 orders even before they opened the doors!

Rollies Mexican Patio


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